In economic literature, this is called cream skimming (Van de Ven & Van Vliet 1992). Competition among social health insurers: a case study for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany


This framework results in a simple formula showing that the "cream-skimming" effect is increasing in the degree of heterogeneity within schools, the school choice takeup rate of strong students relative to weak students, and the importance of peers.

MeSH Terms. Actuarial Analysis; Economic Competition; Health Maintenance Organizations/economics* Insurance, Health/economics* Risk; United States; Grant Support 2018-05-01 · The skimming strategy gets its name from "skimming" successive layers of cream, or customer segments, as prices are lowered over time. sides. The market failure is driven by cream-skimming seller behavior: each seller tries to keep his schedule open by rejecting low-value matches in order to increase his individual chances of getting high-value matches.

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cream skimming Wikipedia ( economics , derogatory ) The business practice of providing a product or service only to high-value or low-cost customers, while disregarding clients that …

7 Development Economics course: video: Curbing cream-skimming: Evidence on enrolment incentives Pascal Courty, Do Han Kim, and Gerald Marschke1 September 2010 Abstract: Using data from a large, U.S. federal job training program, we investigate Epple and Romano (1998) show equilibrium provision of education by public and private schools has the latter skim off the wealthiest and most‐able students, and universal vouchers lead to further cream skimming. Here we study voucher design that injects private‐school competition and increases technical efficiencies without cream skimming. 2019-06-03 · Cream skimming makes online markets inefficient and slow. In the May issue of American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, authors Gleb Romanyuk and Alex Smolin showed why many matching platforms have this problem and how it can be stopped. 2013-02-16 · “cream-skimming” the juiciest deals away from them.3 The informational rents in OTC markets in turn attract too much talent to the financial industry, which would be more efficiently deployed as real-sector entrepreneurs . The key role of the financial sector in our model is to provide liquidity by allowing en- Cream Skimming, Dregs Skimming, and Pooling: On the Dynamics of Competitive Screening. Diderik Lund and Tore Nilssen () No 01-2003, Working Papers from Copenhagen Business School, Department of Economics.

Publication Name: Journal of Health Economics. 29 Dec 2020 Abstract. We study the personal credit market using unique individual-level data covering fintech and traditional lenders. We show that fintech  9 Jul 2020 Abraham, J, Drake, C, Sacks, DW, Simon, K. Demand for health insurance marketplace plans was highly elastic in 2014-2015. Econ Lett.
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This fear surfaced also when Swiss federal government proposed pro-competitive Law on social health insurance, which barely passed a popular referendum in 1994. Patrick Bolton & Tano Santos & Jose A. Scheinkman, 2011. " Cream Skimming in Financial Markets ," NBER Working Papers 16804, National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc. References listed on IDEAS. as. HTML HTML with abstract plain text plain text with abstract BibTeX RIS (EndNote, RefMan, ProCite) ReDIF JSON.

Price  13 Mar 2020 The IZA Institute of Labor Economics is an independent economic research institute that conducts research in labor economics and offers  Joseph G. Altonji & Ching-I Huang & Christopher R. Taber, 2015.
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cream skimming consists in the selection of the more lucrative patients;3 Lev-aggi and Montefiori (2003) distinguish between cream skimming as treatment selection (i.e. “horizontal” cream skimming) and cream skimming as patient selection within the same ailment group (i.e. “vertical” cream skimming).

Spreadsheet: Semen Value Spreadsheet Documentation: Economic Value of Genetic  Strömberg,SIFR,Stockholm School of ger negativa externaliteter på andra (offentliga) aktörer• “Cream-skimming”: privata aktörer tar  i offentlig ekonomi (Economics of the Public sector, Connolly/Munro) att gå ihop) och cream-skimming (försäkringsbolag kommer att neka  med lågt (förväntat) vårdbehov för att öka sin lönsamhet (s.k. cream skimming).

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Cream-Skimming, Parking and Other Intended and Unintended Effects of Performance-Based Contracting in Social Welfare Services Pierre Koning CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis and IZA Carolyn J. Heinrich University of Wisconsin-Madison Discussion Paper No. 4801 March 2010 IZA P.O. Box 7240 53072 Bonn Germany

Packing Hulled grain. Grädde. Cream. Gränsskydd. Marginal protection.

The threat of 'cream skimming' in the post-reform NHS. Matsaganis M(1), Glennerster H. Author information: (1)London School of Economics. The allocation of budgets to general practitioners to enable them to purchase selected hospital services has been one of the most imaginative elements of the recent National Health Service reforms in Britain.

Barrier crop. Skyddszoner. Barrier zone. Skörd. vilka som konsumerar deras tjänst finns risk för cream-skimming och segregation. in terms of quality rather then the general principal rule of economic value. så kallad cream skimming30.

Show Published Versions. Patrick Bolton & Tano Santos & Jose A. Scheinkman, 2016. "Cream-Skimming in Financial Markets," Journal of Finance, American Finance Association, vol. 71(2), pages 709-736, 04. This framework results in a simple formula showing that the "cream-skimming" effect is increasing in the degree of heterogeneity within schools, the school choice takeup rate of strong students relative to weak students, and the importance of peers. Ruhr Economic Papers #846 Anna Werbeck, Ansgar Wübker, and Nicolas R. Ziebarth Cream Skimming by Health Care Providers and Inequality in Health Care Access: This practice, known as “ cherry picking” or “cream skimming,” may result in insurers providing coverage to a group of individuals who are less likely to file claims than the population average, thereby increasing the insurers’ profits.