LG Brand Slogans. Life’s good. Simple and fun. Free and infinite home entertainment. Cool down quickly. Elevate your corporate identity. Life’s good when you express your own style. Easy comfort easy savings. Art inspires technology, technology complete art.


LG/Other Logo with slogan "Digitally yours" (1999–2004). LG Life's Good.svg. Logo with (Print).svg. Print version with slogan "Life's Good" (2004–2008) 

Further, the slogan defines a lasting relationship with the consumer in order to achieve the highest satisfaction for customers. 42. LG – Life’s Good. LG is a popular technology brand providing all kinds of different products for people all around the world. LG actually stands for “Life’s Good” and this is its simple but to-the-point slogan. 43. Nicorette – Makes Quitting Suck Less.

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det finns två varianter av 2D och 3D, bokstäverna indikerar företagets officiella slogan - "Life is Good". T-Shirt mit tiefem Halsausschnitt. 25,95 €. 3 Farben. Top mit quadratischem Ausschnitt. 19,95 €.

LG Electronics Logo and Taglines. LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquarter in Yeouido-dong, Seoul. LG Electronics was the world’s. Second-largest television Manufacturer. LG Electronics has 4 business units, Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, home Appliances & Air Solutions, and Vehicle

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LG unveils new slogan, steals it from Huawei Posted by Stefan Constantinescu on Aug 01, 2013 in Huawei , LG Huawei, the Chinese smartphone vendor that makes devices you and I might not be interested in, but budget minded consumers love, changed their slogan in February of this year to “Make it Possible”.

The money has been rolling on this market for nearly 40 years, but in the last 20 years, it has experienced a boost because more people are becoming environmentally conscious. Maak een pakkende slogan met de slogan-maker. Vergroot je merkbekendheid en zorg dat meer mensen je merk onthouden.

The LG logo is undoubtedly one of the most recognized logos in the electronics marketplace. It stares you right in the face! The logo comprises of a strikingly innovative corporate identity, featuring the letter “L” and “G” in the form of a human face.
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Furthermore, LG's slogan is "LG, Life's Good" not Life Is Good, while they're grammatically similar they aren't legally the same. 7.

Example: Apple’s tagline is “Think Different” while the slogan for its iPhone SE is “A big step for small.” Under the slogan of “Supporting the dreams of future generations with LG,” LG Display is helping the underprivileged and fulfilling its social responsibilities.
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LG Grup (İngilizce: LG Group, Slogan (İngilizce): "Life's Good" Türkçe : Hayat Güzeldir), (Korece: 엘지 그룹 Elji Kŭrup); Güney Koreli elektronik, cep telefonu ve petrokimyanın da dahil olduğu birçok alanda faaliyet gösteren şirketler topluluğu.

LG Electronics acts as an umbrella organization for subsidiary companies in the fields of electronics, chemicals and telecommunications. Let’s recap – adding a slogan to your logo adds more information about your company and generates a feeling associated with your brand. However, logo slogans can also detract from the design of the logo overall if they are too long or complex.

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5 Nov 2018 LG Electronics (LG) has launched a new digital campaign To highlight the brand's alignment with LG's slogan “Innovation for a better life”, the  17 Aug 2015 If you are a business client that needs a logo and slogan, you may want to IKEA created a tagline that was like the LG tagline – only really  "Life's Good" slogan, and futuristic logo represent exactly what LG stands for LG has 5 core business domains: Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications,  LG Electronics företagsfilosofi baseras på ett genuint människointresse och vår slogan Life's Good innebär att vi genom våra produkter vill göra livet bättre,  LG är varumärket som är Smakfullt Smart. Företagets slogan "Life's Good" och den futuristiska loggan menar LG är en bra representation av vad de står för. Welcome to the official LG Australia Facebook Community. Get inspired Visa mer av LG Global på Facebook LG, Life's Good slogan developed in Australia. En äkta reflektion av LG SIGNATURE.

Feber / LG. LG skickade i dag ut ett pressmeddelande där man meddelade att överger sin klassiska slogan "Das Auto" rapporterar nyhetsbyrån Reuters.

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This company was created in 1958, and manufactures home appliances, including refrigerators and telev LG appliances are made by the company LG Electronics.